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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Comedian Chris Laker on Radio Realm

                                                CLICK HERE TO HEAR CHRIS LAKER

I had the chance to talk to NYC comic Chris Laker, we discuss whats bigger in NY Linsanity or NY Giants winning SuperBowl.  We talk about the place Chris grew up, Staten Island.  Chris gives me his take on the Hipster scene in New York as well as the differences between hosting and headlining shows.   Chris Laker, who can be found putting on awesome shows at the Creek Comedy Theater, on the classic podcast "it could be better" with Yannis Pappas and Nate Bargatze or simply follow him on and definitely check out his work on and his schedule for live appearances as well as much more can be found at

listen to interview here: CLICK TO HEAR CHRIS LAKER

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