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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greg Fitzsimmons Host of "Pumped!"

I talked to one of my favorite comedians Greg Fitzsimmons about the premier of the new game show "Pumped!" on the speed channel "Pumped!" premiers this Thursday November 17th 6pst 9eastern. I asked Greg about the unique setting for the game show and the reactions people have being put on the spot with a pop quiz while they fill up the tank at the gas pump.  Greg also talks to me about his show FitzDogRadio heard on Howard Stern's channel on SiriusXM and is also heard on Itunes. is his website where you can find out appearances, the podcast FitzDogRadio, as well as the critically acclaimed book "Mrs. Fitzsimmons" are also at Do not miss the premier of "Pumped!" Thursday 11/17 at 6pacific on SPEED. mediafire link:



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