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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jermaine Fowler Interview

Up and coming Actor and Comedian, Jermaine Fowler, called into Radio Realm all the way from Bushwick Brooklyn.  Jermaine and I discuss his ambition as he picked up and moved from D.C. to break through in the New York as a entertainer.  Jermaine reveals his inspirations and current favorite comedians, including other future stars.  We also talk about the different roles Jermaine plays on and off screen when he and his team shoot viral videos that have blown up on websites like and PLUS Jermaine Fowler reviews Immortals for the Radio Realm audience.  Get familiar with Jermaine Fowler!!! Check his website for videos, appearances, and blog  He's on comedy central tour now !! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD & LISTEN VIA MEDIAFIRE!!!

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